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We can make the world a cleaner place


GreenMind shop has been created to support the idea of green revolution in the world.
We would like to introduce some quality, sustainable Eco-friendly products to this shop as a greener alternative to oil-based made plastics.
By we, I mean all the people involved in the process of running this shop, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and the owner.
In recent years the world has experienced and witnessed the vastness of garbage pollution. Whether that is in the ocean where plastic is floating around and creating big patches of garbage islands or the beaches and rivers full of artificial waste. It is not only ethically wrong but also a huge impact on both us and animals who often mistakenly consume particles of plastic. This in turn comes back to us, through the food we consume like seafood.
It’s not all doom and gloom, however, there is hope. I have noticed that many people engaging in social media are interested in this growing ecological problem and are trying to adjust their lifestyles and use of recyclable products, I find this encouraging.
I would like to continue to highlight the importance of finding the right solutions and ideas on how I could contribute to solving this global issue. Recycling, reducing the use of unnecessary plastics, reusing and replacing with sustainable materials, like wood and glass.
Recently I have come across this great product. A 100% compostable and Eco-friendly phone case made and developed by Pela Case company. They have developed a wide range of Eco-friendly cases to fit I-phones and Samsung devices. People tend to change their phones quite regularly and disposing of thousands of old cases each year, creating more and more garbage.
I am thrilled to offer this fantastic recyclable product not only to people in the Uk but all over Europe and I`d like to share its brilliance. It is just a small step, but working together and uniting, one by one we can do it and clean the planet of the unnecessary plastic waste.
A fundamental reason why we've started this retail shop is to provide some much-needed knowledge and value to the world regarding Eco-friendly products.
Our goal is to spread the word and encourage more and more people to get on board.
Thank You.